Micro-markets make the break room a benefit that entices and retains employees with more choice and modern convenience.

No longer are employees limited to a few dozen refreshments behind glass. Professional Micro-Markets from Tahoe Vending deliver a combination of refreshment, convenience and cafe styling. We customize the graphics to achieve the look you want, provide the shelving, place coolers, or microwaves as needed and then stock your Micro-Market with hundreds of the most popular snacks, fresh foods, and beverages.

How does it work?

Micro-markets revolve around an innovative kiosk where items are purchased. Through a dedicated internet connection, the kiosk ensures a convenient, secure transaction every time. Simply bring your items to the checkout, scan the barcode and insert payment. The kiosk allows your employees to pay with cash, credit cards, or even their thumb print. We uses state-of-the-art technology including multi-camera surveillance systems and remote temperature monitored coolers to keep your products fresh.

Is it right for my company?

Micro-markets are a great option for any company looking to offer more choices to its employees. With Tahoe Vending, you can stock more local and premium items, customized for your locations. Just like with any vending service, our staff will monitor the stock of your systems and ensure your shelves and refrigerators are filled with the best quality and supply of products.

With micro-markets we take the vending machines out of your break room and replaced them with the selection and feel of an upscale mini-convenience store. Where there was once 75 items available, now there are 300 – 400 in every market.

Extensive Variety, healthy options, fresh food, and premium products are daily menu alternatives in our Micro-Markets. Customers have full access to choose their items from the baskets, coolers, and racks, and scan and pay through our newly designed, attendant-free kiosks. Payment options are flexible and secure, and are adapted to fit each client’s individual needs.

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