Hydrated employees are happier and more productive.

We all get thirsty. Don’t make this a reason for employees or customers to leave your location. Instead, offer the grab and go convenience of technologically advanced beverage vending machines from Tahoe Vending.

  • Modern beverage vending machines designed to connect to the internet for a superior experience
  • The latest payment technology is built-in accepting credit/debit cards and mobile wallets
  • Fast, friendly service for all your beverage vending machine needs day or night, year around
  • We build the beverage vending machine program around you for a custom solution for your location
  • Ensure the ideal mix of brand name products, healthy options, and services to meet your every need
  • Huge selection of today’s popular healthy alternatives in drinks, snacks, and food for your break room

Beverage vending machines are available to business with 50 or more employees or customers needing refreshments. We provide the equipment free of cost and drivers fill and service machines as they are needed. Advances in technology now allow machines to accept credit or debit cards, and Apple Pay or Google Wallet, while wireless LTE reporting lets us know if the machine is out of service or needs to be filled.

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